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Curved surface solar energy roof tiles are mainly used in antique building renovation, roof remodeling, high-end villas, etc. They are waterproof and heat insulation, hail and lightning resistant.

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solar energy roof tiles

T MAX S combines both architectural style and aesthetics. Its beautiful curved shape attracts many people and is a great breakthrough in PV building integration. It has a beautiful shape and can also generate electricity. Through roof light, it generates heat energy to generate electricity, which is practical and popular among the general public. Curved surface solar energy roof tiles are currently available in only three colors, black red gray, other colors can be customized according to customer demand.

T MAX S uses monocrystalline silicon cells inside and makes a curved shape, which is the only company in the world with this process and equipment, and a great breakthrough in the PV industry. The advantages of the T MAX S are therefore obvious, with its beautiful shape and amazing power generation, which can reach an output of up to 35w per cell and a staggering 140w per square meter.

Product details

The beautiful curves of solar energy roof tiles are enough to draw all eyes to them, and the T MAX S has that charm.


Product modelJS30DG-6b1/2
Glass (material/thickness)Tempered glass/3.2mm+Backplane
Solar Cell Type182*91mm(2*5)
Junction box≥IP67
Cable type300mm / 4mm²
Plug connectorMC4
Life span>30years
Solar cellsMonocrystalline
Power output( Pmax )30W
Module efficiency(%)15.00%
Voltage at Pmax(Vmpp5.7V
Current at Pmax(Impp)5.14A
Open-circuit current(Voc)6.74V
Short-circuit current(Isc)6.53A


Installation details

The solar energy roof tiles are easy to install, just like traditional tiles, but with the additional step of connecting the cables. sgbsolar's special engineers design the tiles before the project begins to ensure that the construction is accurate.

solar energy roof tilesT MAX S

The effect

Solar energy roof tiles can be perfectly matched to the antique building, and seem to blend in with the building as a whole without being obtrusive, which is the biggest advantage of BIPV.


How to install?

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