1、What size system should I install?

Our tiles are modular, so we can install any size of system you require. Each tile is 90w, so a 4kW system would require 46 tiles (46x90w).


2、Does solar tiles need regular maintenance?

There is no maintenance required for the tiles. To perform optimally they need to just be kept clean, and rain water does a really good job of ensuring that.


3、How to install BIPV solar tile system?

We will provide the installation manual, you can ask the workers to follow the steps to install.


4、Does my roof need to face South?

No, although a South facing roof will generate the most energy, East and West facing roofs can also be suitable for solar, North-facing roof orientations are not ideal for solar energy capture.


5、If the grid goes out or fails, will the solar tile system still work?

After the power grid fails, the on-grid system will generally stop running and cannot generate electricity normally. But if you install hybrid system, you can use the electricity in the battery.

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