How many solar roof tiles can I install on my roof?

2023-11-20 18:21

Once you have learned to calculate the amount of electricity generated by your PV roof per day, the next step will be to think about how many PV roof tiles can be installed on my roof, which is a very important question as it relates to the profitability of your roof as well as the cost of the solar roof tiles, and is closely related to the electricity you use in your daily life.


Suppose you have a roof with an area of 100 square meters


You want to install solar roof tiles -- T MAX O (size: 1260*480mm, power output: 90w/tile)


Then 80% of this roof (80 square meters) will be installed with solar roof tiles and 20% with tile fittings.


The area of T MAX O is about 0.5 square meters/tile.

80/0.5=160 tiles



Then you will get a PV roof with an installed capacity of 14.4kw



To summarize, a 100 sq. ft. roof can be installed with a maximum of 160 solar roof tiles, with an installed capacity of 14.4kwh and an average daily power generation of 46kw.


Depending on the investment cost and daily needs, you can reduce the number on this basis, 10kw or 8kw are a good choice.

Or change to a more lively color - red or grey, of course the power generation efficiency of these two colors is inferior to black.

 solar roof tiles

If you want to learn more about costing PV roofs, then solar tiles price is vital.


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