How to calculate the power generation of a photovoltaic roof?

2023-11-15 15:14

When you are ready to invest in a photovoltaic tile roof before, you must be concerned about, how much electricity the roof generates per day, which is important because it is related to whether it can meet the homeowner's daily household daily electricity needs, get the revenue, and payback time.


Calculate the power generation calculation method:

Installed capacity*standard sunshine hours*system efficiency


Assuming a certain place in Beijing, the average annual sunshine duration is 4 hours/day (about 2.5 hours/day in winter and 5.5 hours in summer), the efficiency of the PV system is 80%, and the installed capacity of the PV roof is 5kw.



One day can generate electricity



One year can generate electricity



Average day in summer 5*5.5*0.8≈22 kwh

Average day in winter 5*2.5*0.8≈10 kwh

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