The latest European photovoltaic policy! Relevant to us

2024-03-22 17:09


solar tiles

The adoption of this bill means that the European Union has taken important steps to promote sustainable development in the face of increasing climate change. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels and finding alternative sources of energy have become the most urgent tasks of the day.


According to the bill, the installation of photovoltaic equipment will be made mandatory for all new buildings and major renovations in the near future, in order to increase the use of clean energy and gradually reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, and ultimately to reduce carbon emissions, and to promote the sustainable development of mankind.


This year, the rapid development of photovoltaic technology, product updates and iterations, the use of raw materials and conversion efficiency continues to improve to new heights, which also makes its costs continue to fall. Therefore, under the auspices of the bill, the use of solar energy has become a trend, the combination of buildings and photovoltaic not only helps to protect the environment but also saves energy bills.Most importantly, the EU will provide technical guidance and financial support for the smooth implementation of the bill.


The key question is, if photovoltaic is to be installed on a domestic dwelling, most homeowners mind the ugly appearance of photovoltaic panels, as they seriously ruin the aesthetics of the roof and also cause damage to the homeowner's roof. So what should be done to solve this agonizing problem?

roof tiles that generate electricity


Sgbsolar's solar tiles are the perfect solution to this problem. What is solar tiles? You can think of them as roof tiles that generate electricity, but the biggest advantage of solar tiles is that they can be seamlessly integrated into your roof, giving you all the benefits of solar energy without compromising on aesthetics. They are essentially shingles, so they can fully protect your roof from damage.

Look, these make our completed projects, they're beautiful aren't they? One-piece seamlessly integrated roofs.


Sgbsolar's T MAX series consists of five types of shingles for different roofing applications.

solar tiles

T MAX O for most residential roofs.

T MAX L for lightweight roofs with load-bearing requirements.

T MAX R with its distinctive dragon scale rows of shingles designed to meet the specific architectural styles of the region.

T MAX S, which is the first curved monocrystalline silicon roofing shingle in the world, cut with a special process to give it a curved effect. The T MAX S is the world's first monocrystalline silicon curved tile, which is cut in a special process to give it a curved effect that perfectly matches the classical style of architecture.

For each type of tile, we have a matching accessory tile, which allows the user to get a one-step solution without the hassle of searching for a matching tile.


Sgbsolar has always been at the forefront of technology and is constantly upgrading and innovating based on market feedback.


We believe that solar tiles are the future of roofing!

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