Solar Roof Tiles Installation Guide

2023-08-02 17:07

solar roof tiles Installation

Through this article you will learn about the installation process of sgbsolar tiles.

solar roof tiles, you can understand it as tiles with power generation function, which make up your roof, so it is not much different from the installation of traditional tiles, just need additional connecting cables.

The installation work is divided into 10 steps

1、Measure the distance between hanging tile and counter batten.

2、Installer reviewing roofing project drawings

3、valley installation

4、Check solar roof tiles and junction boxes

5、Engineer guides workers to install

6、Install solar roof tile accessories

7、Install side tiles

8、Install solar roof tiles

9、solar roof tiles cable arrangement and connection

10、Fix solar roof tiles with nails.

Solar Roof Tiles Installation

After completing the above steps, you will get a perfect roof, which will capture a steady stream of clean energy for you, reduce your electricity bill burden, and let you no longer worry about electricity consumption.

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