Solar panels cost VS Solar roof tiles cost

2024-01-24 18:36

Sgbsolar is always asked questions when marketing and promoting solar roof tiles, how much does it cost to install a PV roof? What is the cost per square meter? Why are solar roof tiles so much more expensive than solar panels? And so on and so forth.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of solar roof tiles in China, the cost analysis of the products is an important part of the sales process. Today, sgbsolar will do a PV roofing cost calculation to compare the cost of using solar roof tiles with the cost of solar panels.

cost comparison

Let's make a hypothesis.

There is a roof of 100 ㎡ (installed capacity: 10kw), let's see how solar panels and solar roof tiles behave differently.

solar roof tiles

Construction Comparison

Did you notice that the cost difference between the two products is so small that the process of installing solar roof tiles is even simpler? You may find it hard to believe that the price of solar roof tiles on the market is so much higher than that of solar panels.

The following chart explains why the price difference between the two products is so small.

solar roof tiles cost

solar tiles price

As we can see, if you choose to install solar panels on your roof, then you need to buy two materials, regular tiles and solar panels, and then you need to install them twice, first traditional tiles and then solar panels.

But if you choose to install solar roof tiles, you only need to buy solar roof tiles and install them, one step at a time, so even though the price of solar tiles is higher than that of solar panels, the convenience of the later construction leveled out the price difference.

The electrical system, on the other hand, is a choice between two different approaches.


So while solar panels are sold at a cheap price, they are simply a product that generates electricity and can't or even will destroy your original roof structure.

But solar roof tiles is different, it is a roof tiles that generate electricity, it can be used as a roof completely, it maintains the aesthetics of the roof and also generates electricity, like most people say, it is the future of roofing.

Aesthetics is the biggest advantage of solar tiles at a fraction of the cost, and with the added advantage of one-step construction, then it is the perfect roofing material.

sgbsolar has been working towards this as well. If you are a homeowner and you want to have a perfect roof, you guys I suggest you try photovoltaic tiles. If you have a business in the tile or photovoltaic industry, you can also use photovoltaic tiles as an expansion of your business. Of course, if you're an installer, then we may have a business intersection in the future.

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